Eli  &  Toni

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The day of our wedding... what a great day! I really never thought I would recommend someone to get married...

It did not matter... but after experiencing that fantastic day of emotions and absolute happiness, I am doing it, I recommend it. 

It's one day, everything happens so fast, but at the same time you live it very intensely! We could live it because we had absolute confidence in the suppliers who helped us so everything was as it should be. Among them, and for us, one of the most important was photography, and with you, Jordi, we found not only a great quality and personality in the photos, but it was as if our lifelong friend of ours were doing the story! And after all, over time we realize that everything we lived on that day, is somewhat reflected in these both emotional and sentimental pictures. I have on my mobile phone, and, I would say without exaggeration that almost every day I look at them and I never get tired! I just can thank you once again, Jordi, because you have managed to get the memory photographed.



Mireia & Xavi

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Jordi has been a key signing. If there was something we wanted to put our efforts in was in choosing a good photographer for our wedding. We were looking for someone who captured what is important to us. We were looking for a cool, easy-going report but also careful, dynamic and close.

Jordi knew how to listen and his work reflects what we wanted. 

From the beginning, the deal with Jordi has been super easy, as if we could go to a bar and drink some beers to finish the meetings! We have two daughters, which were also key to our report, and he also knew how to connect with them took some amazing pictures.

The photos are spectacular; they have a fresh air and a nostalgic look. Everyone appears in them, there are many expressions and details. He knew how to deal with everything that was very important and subtly.

The photos awake a lot of emotions, they let us remember moments that over time can be diluted, and they also teach us what our eyes can not see. Always from a special perspective that not only copies a reality, but it enhances feelings, the beauty of the environment, happy faces, happiness.

Thanks, Jordi for accompanying us that day and make that. Through your photos, we have a sweet memory for the rest of our lives. 





When we decided to marry, we knew that the choice of the photographer was very important because it would be the only graphic memory we would have, since we did not wanted a video. For some time, we had seen Jordi's photos of a wedding and we really liked his style, so we looked for him and we saw more photos, and we even liked him more.

The type of picture, the important details... It was what I want for us! On our wedding day, Jordi captured absolutely everything, and the truth is that we still do not know how he did it because at many times we did not even see what he was doing there. He did not miss a single detail! We are very pleased with the photos, they reflect the wonderful day or times we lived, and only by looking at them we revive the indescribable feeling that we had that day.

From the first moment he understood us, the treatment was very easy and pleasant, and he totally adjusted to what I wanted. We could not have chosen a better photographer! Oh! And the details of the delivery... Spectacular! The box, the printed photos, the video! We are delighted!



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What's interesting about Jordi is that he brings a different look at photographic reports of weddings and banquets. With a story between photojournalism and the portrait, he is able to capture the most intimate and extraordinary moments of one of the most important days of your life.

No doubt a great discovery.

If you want a report with a different look, this is your photographer. 


Andrea & Cristian


We could not be happier with the result of all his work (we have already hired three reports and here we go again), since every time we look at their photos, we are travelling to that moment and what we were feeling.

No artificial poses, he captures sensations and emotions. His treatment is always close, makes you feel comfortable, even sometimes you forget he is in front of you, so the result of the photos can not be more natural.

Besides, we have enjoyed the reports from the beginning till the end, wihic is an important aspect, since it such a great experience! He is always proposing ideas that match very well with us and he knows from minute zero what you want! Ever since we met Jordi, he has become that person in which we think so that it catches our special moments... he has won it!


Berta & Joan


I think that the best investment we have made on our wedding day has been to have you, Jordi, as a photographer.  Not only for the photographs you make (details, emotions, simplicity and naturalness...) but also because you let things happen, whatever they may be and you capture instants with your hand. You are just there, without almost making noise and seeing your photos is to live that moment again! Just like it was!

We knew it from the beginning! 

For us, Jordi is a 10! 

Thanks for being there! 


Marta & Miguel

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The day of our wedding was very special for us, and in large part it was for the good professionals we chose to accompany us that day. Jordi and Gemma did a great job being close at all times but without invading.

The results were beautiful, very natural pictures that perfectly convey what we lived on that special day.


Eli & Isa

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En Jordi ens va agradar des del primer dia al seu estudi a Vic, ja es respirava bon ambient.

Ens va encantar disfrutar del nostre casament acompanyades d'ell. Ens va fer sentir molt còmodes en tot moment i la veritat és que el resultat va ser espectacular. Un relat increïble del nostre dia, tal com el visualitzem a les nostres ments. Una pel·lícula real del que va passar, minut a minut.

Un plaer treballar amb tu i saps que estem encantades d'haver-te trobat. Mil gràcies per tot! Disfrutem cada vegada que obrim l'àlbum, ens treu molt somriures, senyal inequívoc de la teva feina impecable.


Cris & Marc


We wanted to give a lot of importance to the wedding photographs because we thought that together with the video, it was the only memory that we would have left to live again that day.

Expectations were met since we learned about him. One of the aspects that made us contact you was that search on Instagram. Weddings that you had photographed seemed similar to what we wanted to have. The wedding style somehow was associated to what we were looking for.

The type of photography was also one of the key points. The pictures in such a detail, the contrast of colours in black and white... this is what we really liked when we thought of our photos.

Finally and not to lengthen ourselves, one of the determining factors was the album in itself. When we saw the publishing format, with the explanation that you have on vimeo (I think), we loved it!! We have never seen any other photographer who explaines and teaches the final result in such detail. And after all, that's what we have left!

We take this opportunity to tell you that we had very high expectations and you have satisfactorily beaten them with your professionalism.


Sabina & Iñaki

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The wedding photo album is where the special and unique moments lived on that day are reflected, and we are very grateful and happy about the work that was carried out by Jordi.

The photos are spontaneous and transmit naturalness. 

On the other hand, we want to emphasize the close and friendly treatment received, as well as the professionalism and discretion in which he acted that day.

We were very happy, so do not hesitate, you would make a good choice.